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Trauma & Addiction - Adriana (1920 × 1080 px) (1).png

Are you looking to connect with a supportive community?
Do you want to break the cycle of addictive tendencies or patterns of destructive behavior?
Are you looking for tools to help you heal your past trauma and reconnect with your true nature?

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Dr. Adriana Popescu and TJ Woodward will explore the connection between unresolved trauma and addictive tendencies.

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This series will assist you in discovering techniques and practices from the groundbreaking treatment model, Conscious Recovery.

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We'll not only address your behavior but also assist you in breaking free of life-long destructive patterns.

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Step fully into a life filled with passion, purpose, and infinite possibilities!


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The live calls will happen every Monday from July 11th to 25th!
From 5:00 - 7:00pm PT - Click Here to see your Time & Date

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The Conscious Recovery Method is a groundbreaking and effective approach to viewing and treating addiction that will transform your life. It is changing the conversation about addiction, because it recognizes that underneath all addictive behavior is an essential self that is whole and perfect.

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The Conscious Recovery Method moves beyond simply treating behaviors and symptoms. It focuses on the underlying root causes that drive destructive patterns, while providing clear steps for letting go of core false beliefs that lead to addictive tendencies.


Whether it is spiritual disconnection, unresolved trauma, or toxic shame, these challenges need to be addressed in order to achieve true and permanent freedom.

Conscious Recovery offers a pathway toward liberation and will assist you in creating a life filled with love and connection. It explores methods for changing the ways of thinking that keep you stuck in a pattern of hopelessness, so you can come into alignment with an existence overflowing with compassion and purpose.


TJ Woodward calls this the "great remembering" – reclaiming the truth of who and what you essentially are.


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Dr. Adriana Popescu

Dr. Adriana Popescu is the Founder and CEO of Firebird Healing. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and empowerment coach with over 25 years of experience in the mental health field. She is also a certified hypnotherapist, Brainspotting practitioner, Access Consciousness® Facilitator, and Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) Practitioner, having discovered that Energy Psychology provides incredibly powerful tools to identify and eliminate the deep-rooted causes of suffering and distress. Over the past 20 years, Adriana has developed a specialty in treating addictions and co-occurring orders, particularly trauma. She has been a program director at a number of treatment programs in the San Francisco Bay Area and is currently the Clinical Director at Avery Lane, an innovative treatment program that incorporates the tools of Energy Psychology and other holistic therapies in its treatment for women with co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders and trauma. Adriana has contributed to a number of books and book chapters, including TJ Woodward's Conscious Being, Conscious Recovery for Addiction, Conscious Recovery for Mental Health, and Conscious Creation workbooks. She has a private practice in San Francisco and travels around the world speaking, coaching, and facilitating transformational and empowering workshops. She also hosts a fascinating podcast called Kaleidoscope of Possibilities – Alternative Perspectives on Mental Health. Adriana loves to bring the most innovative and effective tools to her work, empowering people to overcome their imagined limitations, release their self-judgments, and discover the brilliance within – creating a life of infinite possibilities.

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TJ Woodward

TJ Woodward is a revolutionary recovery expert, bestselling author, inspirational speaker, and addiction treatment specialist who has helped countless people through his simple, yet powerful teachings. He is the creator of The Conscious Recovery Method, which is a groundbreaking and effective approach to viewing and treating addiction. TJ is the author of the bestselling books, Conscious Being: Awakening to your True Nature, Conscious Recovery: A Fresh Perspective on Addiction, and Conscious Creation: 5 Steps to Embracing the Life of Your Dreams, as well as the co-author of their accompanying workbooks. TJ is a featured thought-leader on along with Brené Brown, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Gabor Maté, and Mark Lundholm. He was given the honor of being ordained as an Agape minister by Dr. Michael Beckwith, and was also the founding minister of Agape Bay Area in Oakland, which was the first satellite community of The Agape International Spiritual Center in LA.

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