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Our 7-Day


Are you looking to connect with a supportive community?
Would you like to unplug and take a deeper dive into your recovery?
Are you looking for profound healing and connection?

The retreat is designed to assist you in
breaking free of life-long addictive patterns through a range of therapeutic and holistic practices based on the groundbreaking Conscious Recovery™ model, which is one of the most life-changing methods to heal from addiction in the world today.

Rooted in a deep understanding that healing is possible, this retreat offers guidance from a grounded place of knowing how bright you can become. 

Our Leaders

Together they have dedicated their careers to helping people overcome their imagined barriers, release their self-judgments, and create a life of infinite possibilities. Both are addiction treatment specialists who have contributed to countless people through their simple, yet powerful teachings.

Presented by Dr. Adriana Popescu, Founder & CEO of Firebird Healing

Dr. Adriana Popescu is the Founder and CEO of Firebird Healing. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and empowerment coach with over 25 years of experience in the mental health field. 

Presented by TJ Woodward, Founder & CEO of Conscious Recovery

TJ Woodward is a revolutionary recovery expert, bestselling author, inspirational speaker, and addiction treatment specialist who is a featured thought-leader on along with Brené Brown, Marianne Williamson, Dr. Gabor Maté, and Mark Lundholm, as well as a featured thought leader in the upcoming docuseries, Addiction Revealed, that will be released in early 2023. 

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Bali Retreat


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Conscious Recovery

Tools & Workshops


Yoga & Meditation

A Deep Dive

Healing Techniques

Mind, Body & Soul

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