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Therapy Services

We are open and taking clients to start individual or group therapy with Firebird staff. We are currently only able to provide therapy services to residents of California, as this is where we are licensed. In the future, we would like to expand the business to other states and countries.


If this applies to you, please still enter your contact info and we will contact you when and if we hire therapists licensed in your state or country.

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From Survival to Thrival - A Four Part Workshop for Trauma Survivors

I am inviting you to this place of Post-Traumatic Growth. To see the beauty and the gift of it and receive allthe parts of us into wholeness.

Together we can discover the space of thrival – of moving beyond the past and out of survival into a greater future.

This new workshop presented by Firebird Healing will consist of four 90-minute sessions led by licensed clinical psychologist, addiction and trauma specialist and empowerment coach Dr. Adriana Popescu.

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Conscious Recovery Bali Retreat!

Are you looking to connect with a supportive community?


Would you like to unplug and take a deeper dive into your recovery?

The retreat is designed to assist you in breaking free of life-long addictive patterns through a range of therapeutic and holistic practices based on the groundbreaking Conscious Recovery™ model, which is one of the most life-changing methods to heal from addiction in the world today.

Rooted in a deep understanding that healing is possible, this retreat offers guidance from a grounded place of knowing how bright you can become. 

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