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At Firebird Healing we know that everyone experiences and heals from trauma differently. Therefore, our highly personalized approach is one that is designed to empower an individual by providing a wide range of resources and healing approaches that draw from traditional and holistic modalities.


  • To provide you and those you care about the most innovative, effective, and empowering resources, support, and information to triumph over trauma.

  • To create a space of healing through kindness, nurturing, curiosity, and nonjudgment.

  • To address the underlying energies, beliefs, and limitations of trauma, using proven holistic techniques that contribute to the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.

  • To empower you to eliminate the pain of trauma, change your perspective of it and yourself, and foster positive post-traumatic growth.

  • To partner with leaders and visionaries in the field of trauma healing, energy psychology, addiction and recovery, healing, and consciousness to provide you with the greatest information, tools, and modalities available today and in the future.

Our Mission at Firebird Healing

My greatest desire is this: To live in a world where people are happy and kind to one another, and we have less struggle, pain, trauma, and drama. I know that's possible, and I would like to be a catalyst for actualizing that here on planet earth.   –Dr. Adriana 

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