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What Are Core False Beliefs And Why Would You Want To Address Them? - Brainz Magazine Article

They are at the very root of every painful or difficult situation in life. They keep us stuck and limited, mired in a reality of less-than and failure. What are they? Core false beliefs.

In my work as an Energy Psychologist, Addiction and Trauma Specialist, Author, Speaker and Empowerment Coach, I see people every day who are looking to change their lives and the things that are not working for them. Where we always look first is at the points of view or beliefs that they have about themselves and the world.

Our beliefs shape how this world shows up for us; in other words, your point of view is what creates your reality. It becomes the lens (often distorted) through which you see yourself and others. For example, if you believe that you are a bad person and that no one likes you, everything in your life will reflect that.

You will attract the boss who sees you as incompetent, the partner who is unkind or critical of you, and you will find yourself in all kinds of situations that prove to you the rightness of this deeply-held belief that you have of yourself.

Where do these beliefs come from?


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