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Tools for Caregivers to Release Stress and Trauma

How do you care for others while caring for yourself?🕊

Do you have a deep desire to help others but you also carry other people's trauma, pain, and stress?

✨ As Care-takers, Dr. Adriana Popescu & Lauren Polly have created a mindset and lifestyle shifts for on-the-job stress relief.

☀️ Join us for a 6-part Interactive Online Series, ‘Tools for Caregivers to Release Stress and Trauma’ starting on September 12 to explore how you can care for your patients/ clients while also caring for you!

This is a six-week program for caregivers and other health care professionals that meets online once a week (for 60 minutes) to teach powerful, holistic self-care practices to release stress and trauma and enhance mind-body-spirit wellbeing. All sessions will be recorded for those who cannot be on live.


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