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Recovery From Addiction: Dr. Adriana Popescu and Dawson Church in Conversation

  • How addiction is a social disease, triggered by loneliness.

  • Why conventional treatment is substance abuse- focused, the usual approach is to treat trauma later.

  • Why most conventional treatments use the 12-step model with drug and alcohol counselors rather than Energy Psychology.

  • From the ACEs study we know that when people go through traumatic events produces lasting impact on brain and body.

  • Addiction clients are so used to growing up with trauma that meditation feels foreign, weird, they’re not used to relaxation.

  • Early on tapping, helps them get back in their body, brings cortisol and adrenaline down.

  • Starting with 10-minute guided meditation, brains can change and regenerate.

  • What creates sustained recovery is to let go of old personas and claim your light self.


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