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Helping Your Inner Child Through the Holidays

Let’s face it, the holidays can be stressful.

We can find ourselves acting out old scenarios, hurts and patterns of difficulty, especially around family.

Sometimes a simple interaction with a family member can reopen an old would or re-trigger a trauma. We may struggle to find the fun and joy of celebration with the upsets, projections and expectations all around us.

There can be times when it seems like in the stress we actually revert to being a younger, less strong and less mature version of ourselves. So what’s really going on?

What if your inner child is actually showing up during these times? What is truly possible when you connect with your inner child? How can you actually help your inner child through the holidays?

You are invited to join Nicole Collins AMTF, for a special workshop where she' will address the magical beauty of inner child work as a path to ease, finding more of you and even enjoying the holidays! We start on January 4th!

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