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From Survival to Thrival Support Group

Firebird Healing presents "From Survival to Thrival," an ongoing support group designed to invite you to this place of Post-Traumatic Growth. To see the beauty and the gift of it and bring all the fragmented parts into wholeness. To discover the space of thrival – of moving beyond the past and out of survival into a greater future.

Led by Dr. Adriana Popescu, a licensed clinical psychologist, addiction and trauma specialist, and empowerment coach, this weekly group invites participants to release their stories and limitations, and to truly embrace the gift within every choice, experience, and trauma.

The support group sessions are held every Monday from 06:00 to 07:30 PM PT. During these 90-minute sessions, participants are provided with a safe and nurturing space to share their stories, fears, and triumphs. Dr. Popescu utilizes her extensive experience and expertise to guide the group.

The central focus of "From Survival to Thrival" is to inspire participants to create something greater within themselves. It is about recognizing and tapping into their own inner strength and power. This support group emphasizes the importance of embracing every choice, experience, and trauma without minimizing, excusing, or judging them.

If you are seeking a supportive community and guidance on your personal transformation journey, "From Survival to Thrival" offered by Firebird Healing is a valuable resource. Regardless of whether you are facing addiction, trauma, or simply looking to grow personally, this group welcomes individuals from all walks of life.

Learn more about the group and Dr. Adriana Popescu HERE!


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